Sustainability through Innovation and Adaption

Australis Roofing aims to have a positive impact on our team, our clients, the communities we work in, and the construction industry. Australis has a vision of being the number one commercial roofer in Australia. We seek to be innovative and adaptive; at the forefront of the construction industry as it evolves. We want to achieve this not only through delivering a quality product but through investment in our people and communities. We want to build a workforce that is inspired to do better, both at work and in their personal lives. We aim to achieve this through inclusive recruitment, diversity of our workforce, staff engagement and development, investment in community projects, ensuring we operate sustainability with a focus on our environmental impact, and philanthropy endeavours.

Suicide Awareness

At Australis, the health of our employees is a top priority. We recognise that the construction industry is a highly demanding profession and that can mean health and self-care can often be put as a low priority. Every day, 8.6 Australians die by suicide; 75% of those who take their own lives are male. We want to empower our team, and others in the industry, to be suicide-safe through advocacy, education, and by providing opportunities for connection. To help us do this, Australis has partnered with Lifeline Queensland to help bring support to our team, and those we work with in the broader construction community.


In honour of World Suicide Prevention Day on the 10th of September 2022, we held a breakfast with the teams on our Laing O’Rourke Shoalwater Defence and Hutchinson Builders Gladstone Green Energy sites to discuss suicide awareness and provide everyone with some tools around mental health and suicide. We want to encourage a safe space for everyone on our team to discuss mental health. We talked to the teams about suicide awareness, identifying suicide signs in ourselves and others, how to have respectful conversations around suicide, and tools we can use to help prevent suicide.


The response we received from our teams, and clients, was fantastic and we are proud of what we achieved with our people. We look forward to future events where we can continue to raise awareness of mental health and suicide, and continue to break down barriers.




Climate for Change

At Australis, we are committed to being innovative, forward-thinking, and giving back where we can. As part of that commitment, we are looking at ways we can improve our climate impact. How we operate as a company and the impact we have on the environment is important to us, and our clients. As we grow and in turn have a bigger impact, we need to continually work as a team to make changes in the way we think and act. The heat currently going into the ozone layer every day due to carbon emissions is equivalent to 600,000 Hiroshima bombs and we’re using resources at a rate that requires 1.6 earths to sustain. This year, the Australian government committed to a 43% reduction in emissions by 2030, and net zero by 2050. Any way that we can help contribute as a company, and as individuals, goes a long way to achieving those goals. One of the things we have recently done as a company is moving all of our electricity to 100% Green Energy – supporting the production of renewable energy. Our head office is also 100% Carbon Offset in its electricity usage. We have also made the move to Who Gives a Crap in the head office – Who Gives a Crap provides eco-friendly products and also donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world. Moving forward, we will continue to identify ways we can improve our environmental impact as a company; including carbon offsets, and assessing our carbon footprint.

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